Why Louisiana?

In the last decade, Louisiana has nurtured a blossoming film industry. Cost-effective skilled workforce, new infrastructure, diverse locations, and a long-term commitment to the country’s most aggressive film and entertainment tax incentives have made Louisiana the second most significant production hub in the United States. Since 2006, over 400 films have been shot in Louisiana by major film studios such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, Sony, 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate. Louisiana has been host to nearly every genre of filmmaking and television production. These include Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror and Fantasy. Some of these films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Monster’s Ball, Ray, Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave have been Oscar winners.

Louisiana’s Tax Incentive Program

In 2002, the Louisiana legislature enacted a flagship incentive program in order to induce productions to shoot in Louisiana. The Louisiana Motion Picture Tax Incentive Act offered all incoming productions up to 40% on in-state expenditure. This has driven the meteoric rise in the state’s annual production spend to achieve its status as #3 in the country, and growing.

Louisiana’s Incentives At A Glance

30% of qualifying local spending, including the payroll for residents and nonresidents; plus an additional 10% on resident payroll ≤ $1 million
Partially refundable, fully transferable motion picture production tax credits; the credits can be transferred to the state of Louisiana for 85% of face value on projects certified on/after July 1, 2009
$180 million annual cap on redemption (2016-1018) and $30 million maximum tax credit earned per project  cap; for the additional 10% resident payroll credit there is a compensation cap of $1 million per person
Project criteria: Project criteria: Minimum local spending > $50,000 Sunset / review: none

Convenience & Accessibility

Thanks to being located in the city of New Orleans, Deep South Studios allows access to a variety of valuable assets, as well as being a major U.S. transportation hub.

Travel Options and Accommodations

planeMultiple daily non-stop flights from most major US cities Three-hour direct flight time from New YorkFour-hour direct flight time from Los Angeles
hotelAbundance of hotels offering incoming productions competitive ratesAvailability of first-class hotel and housing accommodations for talent and executives


Mild Winter

Average High and Low Temperatures

Long Spring and Summer

Shooting Locations

With a diverse palette of architecture and topography, New Orleans offers a variety of unique, picturesque locations to incoming productions. Whether the film requires city, desert, lakes, river, small towns, swamp or vast landscapes, New Orleans and the immediate surrounding areas are able to double for most “Anywhere, USA” destinations required. It even offers Old World elements due to its deep European heritage.